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Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Use for the Website Moutarde, hereinafter referred to as “the Operator”. The Website http://www.moutarde.com shall be hereinafter referred to as “the Website”.


Article 1: Use of the Website.


By accessing one or more pages of this Website, the users of the Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Internet users”) hereby agree to be bound to the terms and conditions of use outlined herein. The Website is made available to the Internet users by the Operator for consultation by private individuals or legal entities. Such usage may not be for commercial purposes without express, written authorization from the Operator.


Article 2: Access to Website pages.


The Operator hereby reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the online availability of the Website without prior notice and for any reason it deems suitable without being held liable to the Internet users. The Operator further reserves the right to modify these terms of use without prior notice for any reason it deems suitable. As a result, the Operator hereby undertakes to clearly indicate the date of the most recent modification to said terms at the top thereof so that the Internet users may be aware of it. In addition, the Operator recommends opening said page regularly.


Article 3: Intellectual property.


The Website is subject to French law and international agreements in relation to copyrights as defined by intellectual property law. All graphic elements on the Website are the property of the Operator. The full or partial reproduction of one or more of these elements is prohibited. Any offenders may be subject to legal actions taken by the Operator on the grounds of articles L.335-1 and following of the French Intellectual Property Law. Nonetheless, the full or partial reproduction of the Website is authorized for private, non-commercial use and within a family setting. Any other reproduction is strictly prohibited without prior written and express agreement from the Operator. In any case, the integrity of the original works comprising the Website and all of the content should be respected. To this end, the Website may not be subject to any alteration or modification upon reproduction as defined in the preceding paragraph. The creation of any hyperlink to the Website is subject to prior written and express authorization from the Operator. Moreover, the creation of a deep hyperlink to one or more pages of the Website is strictly prohibited. The Operator hereby declares that it holds the rights and/or authorizations to represent and reproduce the photographic, graphic, literary and artistic work contained on the Website pursuant to substantive French intellectual property laws.


Article 4: Website Content.


The content of the pages comprising the Website is available to Internet users at the Operator’s sole liability and for the purpose of offering information on its activities. The accuracy of the information contained on the Website pages is subject to regular and rigorous control by the Operator; nonetheless, there may be typographic errors or omissions. The Operator asks that any Internet user who notices an error contact it by email at edc-kuhne@moutarde.com so that said error may be corrected. The information contained on the Website may not in and of itself contractually or legally bind the Operator which reserves the right to remove, modify or update it at any time and without prior notice.


Article 5: Liability.


Internet users access the Website at their full liability. The Operator hereby declares that none of the information contained on the Website is contrary to public order and/or morality. Neither the Operator nor the Website designer shall be held liable in the event of direct or indirect damages resulting from consulting the Website or using the data placed online through it. Internet users should take the necessary measures to ensure the sites or portals through which they access the Website do not contain any computer viruses that may in any way harm the proper operation of their computers. The Operator shall not be held liable for the content of the Internet sites that may be accessed from a link on the Website. As a result, the Operators of said sites are solely liable for the content on them.


Article 6: Computer Processing and Freedom.


Pursuant to articles 34 and following of French Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978, anyone proving their identity has the right to access and correct their data contained on the Website or that may be connected to it.


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