The Kühne Brand, the Pickles and Mustards Aisle Booster in France

Plutôt deux fois Kühne

  • A real Pickles Success Story
    - Kühne the No.1 Contributor to market growth for 7 years (1)
    - A market share x 4 for 7 years
    - A Key Stakeholder in the French pickles market
  • A successful entrance into the Mustard market
    - Kühne,
    No.1 in market growth over the last 3 years (2)
  • A differentiation strategy
    - with new flavours, new recipes, new packs
    - which is bringing in results and driving the market dynamics
  • Products that have often been recognised as the « Flavour of the Year »
  • Powerful support from TV advertising with 6 campaigns per year

Kühne, a whole variety of specialties and pickled legumes with gourmet flavours for gourmet and creative cuisine :

  • Fried onions, Horseradish, Green Pepper
  • Small onions, Capers, Mixed Pickles, Baby Corn
  • Red Hot Pepper, Green Hot Pepper, Sweet Red Pepper, Red Cabbage

(1) IRI distributors panels, gherkins market, HMSM, gains in value 2007-2014
(2)  IRI distributors panels, gherkins market, HMSM, gains in value 2011-2014